Producing foods that meet market expectations and ensure the profitability of the business is the producer's daily challenge. The demand for healthy products is an increasingly present reality around the world and our sector lacks natural solutions. Aware of these trends and always in line with the needs of the poultry farmer, Sauvet decided to exclusively bring to Brazil the Norponin®XO₂, an innovative plant-based product that replaces the use of chemical antibiotics.
Among the diseases that affect the health of birds, one of the most impacting on the sector is coccidiosis, caused by the protozoan of the genus Eimeria, which affects the intestinal tract of animals. The disease causes diarrhea and enteritis, resulting in a drastic decrease in nutrient absorption, undermining the animal's health and opening the door to a host of other diseases and infections.

To combat this disease, high investments are made in conventional products such as vaccines, synthetic coccidiostats, ionophores and probiotics which, due to their continuous use, create greater resistance and in the long run become inefficient, requiring more and more applications and expenses with antibiotics.

On the other hand, the worldwide concern for chemical-free foods is growing to the point that some markets are already banning foods treated with antibiotics.

It is in this context that Norponin®XO₂ was created, extracting from nature the solution to fight coccidiosis in a natural and more efficient way. It uses the association of saponins studied among 2,000 different plants, selecting the species that have the greatest potential for synergistic effects, efficacy, availability, safety and cost.

Saponins are activated by plant enzymes in response to tissue damage or pathogen attack and have antimicrobial activity. The higher the sterol level, the better the saponins act on protozoa.

There is a lot of questioning about the scientific proof of the effect of plants for use as antibiotics, as few studies are carried out on the subject. In this case, Nor-Feed invested in technology creating Sonas, a research unit with extensive experience in natural products using cutting-edge spectroscopic methods to control these interactions. In addition, all production processes are the result of a series of studies and research to take to the field a safe solution that provides greater confidence to the producer.
250g/ton. of feed

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