The quality of products and services provided by SAUVET must meet the expectations of internal and external customers. The commitment to quality must be oriented towards a participative management action, having people as an important key in the process, being transparent with employees, suppliers and customers. The quality should be assumed as:

  • Objective in the relationship customer x supplier, internally and externally;
  • Indispensable tool as search for profitability and development;
  • Main tool for fault prevention;
  • Commitment to CONTINUOUS QUALITY IMPROVEMENT by sharing this responsibility with all employees.

Quality Guidelines

IMPLEMENT, DOCUMENT, and MAINTAIN the systematic which are relevant to the Quality Assurance System, resulting in customer satisfaction by meeting their expectations and requirements. It is incumbent upon all areas of the Company and its respective subdivisions to comply with this guideline.

Quality Management

The quality management system shall cover the organizational structure, procedures, processes, resources and activities required to ensure that products conform to the intended specifications of quality and purity.

All related activities must be defined and documented.

The Good Manufacturing Practices are part of the Quality Assurance which ensures that veterinary pharmaceuticals are produced and controlled with appropriate reference standards, and concern not only production but also quality control, and must comply with basic requirements.

Quality Structure

The Quality cycle is a conceptual model of interdependent activities that influence quality in the different phases, ranging from the identification of needs to the evaluation of the fulfillment of these needs. Within the Quality cycle, our areas of activity in the veterinary industry processes are indicated below.

  • Marketing and Market Research
  • Design and Product Development
  • Process Planning and Development
  • Quality Validation
  • Installation and Set Operation
  • Acquisition of Supplies
  • Production or Service Provision
  • Quality Confirmation
  • Packaging and Storage
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Technical Assistance and Services
  • After-Sales Service
  • Disposal and End of Life Recycling