In a world in constant evolution, new solutions offer natural alternatives to provide greater safety, quality and sustainability for animal production.

In this context, Sauvet presents Green Choline B4, a nutritional additive extracted from a selection of plants that replaces choline chloride in a natural way, suitable for chickens of meat, laying hens, turkeys and swine.

Choline is essential for the production of poultry and swine that have high energy diets. It helps to eliminate fat from the animals' liver, ensuring better health, immunity and greater weight gain.
Despite its fundamental importance for the health and performance of animal production, synthetic choline is inefficient and can even cause more serious problems if mismanaged. On the other hand, natural solutions offer food safety and economics and a proof of this is the Green Choline B4, Sauvet's nutritional additive of vegetable origin that surpasses the benefits of choline chloride. One reason is that Green Choline B4 is choline in the esterified form, being 25 times more bioactive than the free form. In addition, this natural solution is a source of phosphatidylcholine, essential for emulsifying fats and forming micelles in the absorption process.
250g to 330g replace 1kg of Choline Chloride

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